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Truckee – Lake Tahoe : Roofing Repairs, New Roofs, Roof Leak Detection

A good roof can last a long time but it does not take but one small trouble area to cause a leak that can cause a whole lot of damage to not only your homes interior finishes but to your personal property as well. Here in Lake Tahoe and Truckee we have some pretty severe winters and the dynamics of snow and ice can lead to some very interesting and troublesome roofing issues.

We can help you assess your current roof and help you with solutions for maintaining it and resolving problem areas and issues.  We have found that properly installed roof ice melt systems coupled with gutters can not only protect your roof but also the rest of your home by diverting water and ice away from it.

DS does a lot of roof repairs and maintenance in house and also has many incredible roofing contractors which we work closely with.


lake tahoe roof repair and chimney