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Home Construction Repairs, Home maintenance, Emergency Repairs, Property Care-taking

When it comes to efficiency and conservation there can be no better solution than to use the resources and materials that you already have.  Therefore when a home or component of a home is “broken”  we feel it is always best to look for solutions to repair or restore the component rather than tearing it apart and rebuilding it completely. If you have any issues with your home you can be assured that if DS Construction is overlooking the operations and well being of your home that things will be taken care of.

DS Construction can typically handle most any household repair. And when there is something over our heads we can absolutely oversee and employ the proper professional to get it right.

· Electric bear Fencing Systems
· Emergency Home Repairs
· Drywall
· Painting
· Electrical
· Cabinetry
· Furniture
· Appliances
· Computer networks
· Audio video
· Structural
· Siding
· Decks
· Water and Snow damage repairs