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Kitchen and Bathroom Whole Home Remodels

Remodeling and Restoring Lake Tahoe properties is by far the biggest aspect of construction in the Tahoe Basin and Truckee. The main thing to keep in mind when remodeling or restoring a component of your home is to think about the long term consequences of the choices you make. How will what you want to do affect the resale value of your home? And do you have an overall plan for your entire house if you are only starting with say a bathroom? You want to have some continuity throughout and it is a good idea to think about the big picture even if you are just starting with a small bathroom. What you do to that bathroom should dictate what you do to the rest of your home as you remodel it. Say you want to change the door hardware from the Donald trump gold you have now to something else like Brushed Nickel.

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