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No gimmicks – No expensive advertising – No flashy logos… Just extremely effective and fairly priced electric bear deterrent systems to keep Tahoe Black Bears out of your home.

STOP !  Did you have a bear break-in last night?  It is very likely that bear will be back again tonight.  If that bear got food from your house it has established it as a place to forage and will most likely be back.    Please call us immediately so that we can discuss and curtail any further damage.  We also recommend that you give the BEAR League a call 530-525-7297 and report the incident so that it can be logged. We are sorry about this unfortunate event and are here to help and guide you in any way possible.

DS Construction has been fixing homes from bear break-ins in the Tahoe area since 1994 and has modified and perfected the electric fence system to work on your home. We are are highly experienced in electrical, carpentry, roofing and most anything that has to do with the home. Do you really want anyone but an experienced general contractor attaching high voltage wiring to your home?  We know how a home is built and how to best install electric bear fencing to it and the plethora of different materials your home is comprised of. We can also rebuild any door or window to be stronger and fix any damage from a bear break-in encounter.

It is important to understand when comparing systems is that our systems are configured to be easily used while you are inside and sleeping. Other systems are not so easily employed while at home and are more geared towards being used only when you are away from your home. Another thing to be aware of when comparing systems is to be careful of being sold on a systems components being “removable”. When you can start removing the system it becomes a deterrent to using it no matter how easy it is to do so. Once it is removed you are not likely to reset the system if you want to run down to the store or go for a quick hike. Our systems are designed to be extremely easy to use (dummy proof) and to be used while you sleep.
An electric fence system that cannot be used while you are home or easily set-up is not an effective system!

For door protection we typically use galvanized springs.  These have been used longer than any other solution and are well proven effective.  They have a large surface area and retract nicely.  We also offer electric bungee cord which looks great but does not last as well as the springs and they tend to get easily tangled with each other when not stretched across the portal/door.

For emergency solutions we offer electric door mats or “unwelcome mats” which can be placed at your door as a welcome mat would be and should a bear step on it  will receive an unpleasant shock.

Some typical examples of our Bear deterrent Electric Fencing; Front door, Deck access and window protection:

Electric door bear fence lake tahoe

Front Door – with springs
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tahoe Electric bear fence on deck

Deck Access
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Electric Bungee Door Protection

Electric Bungee Door Protection
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tahoe electric bear protection

Typical Electric window protection
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Electric bear fence or bear damage

This…. OR …..This!.
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Give us a call today for a free onsite Electric Bear Fence consultation and estimate. We have many installations in Alpine Meadows, Olympic/Squaw valley, Tahoe City, Homewood, As well as every community on the North shore of Lake Tahoe.

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Any home can be wired with electric bear deterrent fencing.  Some homes are more challenging than others however.  If you have an outlet outside near your front door that makes things easier, otherwise an outlet needs to be installed to supply power for the system.  If your windows open out or if you have screen doors, installation is a bit tougher.  If your homes exterior is rock or brick it can make concealing and attaching the wiring a bit more difficult also.  Because we are general Contractors we are well versed in utilizing different fasteners to accommodate the different situations your home may require.

bear damage and electric deterrrent fencingLake Tahoe Electric Bear Fencing is also very conscious of aesthetics and how the system looks on your home.  We pride ourselves on our clean and minimalist installations that are still as affective as any-others.  We can use different color wires to blend with your home and most of the system is paint-able as well.

electric bear fencing lake tahoe


We live here in Lake Tahoe because we love the great beauty of the environment and all that comprise it.  The Black Bears are one thing that defines Tahoe Forest’s and it would be a shame if they were no longer a part of the natural beauty that is Lake Tahoe.  If you feed a bear either intentionally or by accident you are threatening that bears life.  Once a bear associates us a food source then they start getting close to us.  Once this happens people start complaining that the bears are a problem and need to be taken care of.

We would rather not have to employ tactics to deter the Black Bear from our properties but it has become a necessity since others have constantly irresponsibly “trained” the bears to seek our homes as places of sustenance.  We have found a safe and effective way to “train” the bears not to come in our homes seeking food and that is the use of electric fencing.

Some Facts about the Electric Fence System:

Black Bear Damage tahoe

An unprotected home

The system we use has been modified over the years  to be the most effective electric fence deterrent for bears in Tahoe.   We use only Stafix energizers for their reliability and proven track record in the Lake Tahoe snow and cold. For remote and solar installations we use different brands determined by the situation. We use a very high strength poly rope line that is interlaced with 9 aluminum wires.  The poly gives it the strength and the wires its electricity.

The fencing system we use is just like systems used for livestock and cattle but modified for your home and for deterring the Black Bears of Lake Tahoe.  The fence has a very high voltage running through it that is not constant but pulsing and at a very low amperage.  Because of the low amperage and pulsing the fencing is safe to humans, pets and your home.   All the local authorities; Fire, sheriff and the Department Of Fish and Game encourage the use of the fencing as it is an effective and a safe way to deter bears from breaking into homes.