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Read about building and remodeling projects here in Lake Tahoe as well as other construction and contractor related topics.   If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us.

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“Tahoe Bear Fence” Has its own website!

Our electric bear deterrent fencing business has its own website!

Our electric fencing business is branded as “Tahoe Bear Fence” and here is the website. Tahoe Bear Fence

electric bear door MatThe website will be developed around our electric fencing business and will provide more in-depth information to all the aspects associated with bear deterrents, black bears and other wildlife problems in and around Lake Tahoe. Continue reading

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Bear Deterrent Electric Fencing & Home Protection

Lake Tahoe Bears and Electric Fencing Deterrents

DS Construction has been repairing the damage done by bears and installing bear deterrent solutions for the past 10 years. Initially we became very good at door repairs and more importantly making a once vulnerable door much stronger through various means.  There are many things you can do to deter the Tahoe Black Bear from entering your home and causing any damage from doing so.

You can use ammonia, dog barking barking machines, talk radio, beds of nails, pots and pans, dogs, steel door jams and many other things to try and keep bears out of your homes…but none of these are consistently effective.  Nothing has been proven to be as consistently effective as electric fencing custom designed for your specific home. Continue reading

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Inexpensive Home Automation

automating your tahoe home exampleI finally hooked my home up to the internet and I cannot stop smiling. As I sat at my desk on my blackberry and was able to turn my heater on and off and control the temperature I smiled as I realized just a few of the possibilities such as cranking the heat up as I sit on a chairlift in anticipation of heading home from a long day of Lake Tahoe skiing. Continue reading

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Alpine Meadows Remodel, Sandblasted Ceiling and Radiant Heat

One of our current Remodel Projects In Alpine Meadows, Lake Tahoe.

I think a picture really can “say a thousand words” so here it is

sandblasted tahoe ceiling

Before and after sandblasting cedar ceiling and beams

My clients in Alpine Meadows bought this home last Fall and I had done some clean-up on it and other projects like installing a flat-screen within a wall in their kitchen.  You can see more on this flatscreen installation. Over the winter the new homeowners discovered that the large high ceiling home was a bit cold. There was just not enough of the ugly baseboard hydronic/ radiant wall heaters. Continue reading

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