Bear Deterrent Electric Fencing & Home Protection

Lake Tahoe Bears and Electric Fencing Deterrents

DS Construction has been repairing the damage done by bears and installing bear deterrent solutions for the past 10 years. Initially we became very good at door repairs and more importantly making a once vulnerable door much stronger through various means.  There are many things you can do to deter the Tahoe Black Bear from entering your home and causing any damage from doing so.

You can use ammonia, dog barking barking machines, talk radio, beds of nails, pots and pans, dogs, steel door jams and many other things to try and keep bears out of your homes…but none of these are consistently effective.  Nothing has been proven to be as consistently effective as electric fencing custom designed for your specific home.

Electric bear fencing for your home is very similar to electric fencing found around farms and ranches to contain and keep predators away from livestock and agriculture, prevent animal travel in certain directions and more. An electric fence is basically an electric circuit that is open and incomplete until it is touched. once an animal touches the hot wire of an electric fence the circuit is completed as long as that fence is properly grounded.  Once the hot wire is touched the animal becomes the link completing the circuit.

Since many houses are not completely surrounded by dirt but typically have: decks, concrete, pavers, gravel and other non conductive surfaces; it is hard to get a decent “ground” therefore a second wire is run along with the hot wire to act as the ground.  So what you will have is a ground wire and a hot wire crossing every door and window that is vulnerable to bear entry.  Only the wires used across each window are exposed wires, the wires in-between the windows and door are insulated and cannot provide an electric shock.

 Energizer to power the fence system:stafix electric fence energizer

Here is a tahoe electric bear fence windowtypical window protected by an electric fence system..polypropylene rope with 9 stainless steel conductive wires to carry current:


A few typical doors wired for bear deterrence.  We use either “slinky” like springs or the same wire we use for windows attached to spring loaded insulated handles.  Some people do not like the look of the springs.

electric fence across door for bearstahoe door with electric bear fence






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